OPC Ticket Stubs

Good Morning, Everyone! We hope you had a wonderful March Break! And for all the Cadets who went to Quebec, we hope they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Just a reminder that we need all of your Cadet’s OPC Ticket stubs back this week. Please send them with your Cadet tonight along with any outstanding money owed, and drop them off at the SSC table at the beginning of the Training night.

These tickets are an important fundraiser for both the OPC and the SSC. The money earned from these lottery tickets supports the Gliding Program for your Cadets! It also helps the SSC pay for extracurricular activities for the Squadron.

The Lottery draw is next month, so we need all of the ticket stubs returned.
Thank you for your help with this very important fundraiser!!

Liz & your SSC

PS. Just a reminder that Spring Tagging is coming up soon – April 26, 27, 28 & 29th! We need “all hands on deck” to make this our most successful Tagging yet! Please make sure it is on your calendar.