2017/18 Training Year is Winding Down!

Good Evening, All!

We hope you all enjoyed the Annual Ceremonial Review yesterday! Your Cadets did a fabulous job and showed off all of their hard work for the year. What a wonderful event!

A few things as the training year winds down….

Tuesday will be the last day to pick up any 715 Mohawk Swag until the fall (hoodies, t-shirts, bow ties, boot polish)! But you must email 715mohawksquadronsscstore and place your order before midnight on Monday so that the items can be picked and packaged for you, and ready for pick up at the Squadron on Tuesday. In your email, please note size, colour and hoodie type if you are purchasing a hoodie. Please contact the store email if you have any questions regarding the above items.

Tuesday will be the last night for Cadets to purchase their $10 ticket for the 715 Mohawk Squadron Mess
Dinner. This will be the last night for tickets as the Staff must give final numbers to the hotel for the dinner. It is sure to be a great night out for your Cadets! If you have any questions regarding the Mess Dinner, please email 715mohawk or ask a Staff member on Tuesday.

Thank you again for supporting the SSC, the Staff and, most of all, your Cadets!

Liz and your SSC