715 Mohawk Store – Early Black Friday Deals

📣 715 Mohawk Store – Early Black Friday Deals

Enjoy your next cup of coffee in a Mohawk 715 mug, Only $15. Our newest item in the Mohawk 715 Store!
Lots more 715 deals, Hoodies starting from $35, TShirts $15 and many more – See attached.

To Order please fill out the attached Purchase Order Form. Orders can be placed:

  • In Person: Hand in the completed Purchase Order Form to the SSC on Tuesday training night.
  • Email the completed Purchase Order form to 715mohawksquadronsscstore.

Payment accepted Cash, cheque or credit.



Any questions regarding 715 store merchandise, pls email 715mohawksquadronsscstore.

Thank you,
SSC – Squadron Sponsoring Committee

715 Mohawk Squadron Store Purchase Order Form.docx