Good Afternoon, All! We hope you are enjoying the "Spring Showers"!

Just a reminder that we are still accepting your donations of those "Special Treasures" you are ready to part with, for our Annual Garage Sale!!
Our Squadron Garage Sale is very well known in the Burlington community, with many regulars coming every year to support your Cadets!!
We are accepting donations tonight, next Tuesday and again on Thursday and Friday, April 25th & 26th, until 1930 hrs.

We also need more volunteers to help with set up Friday night! We have everything stored out in the trailer and need some strong bodies to help bring it all in on Friday night. We will be starting around the same time as Tagging, so if you are up to helping for a bit, before you go get your Fish n Chips downstairs at the Legion (YUM!!), we would really appreciate it!! You can also come AFTER Fish n Chips! lol

Thanks, Everyone! It will be a very busy weekend ahead for your SSC and your Cadets, and we hope you will lend a hand wherever you can.
If you are able to help with the Garage Sale either Friday night, or Saturday morning, please email Deb Settle at debset81 .

Liz & your SSC

PS We still need more help with Drivers and Counters for Tagging. Please go to the sign up sheets through the links below, and lend a hand!

And if your Cadet has not signed up yet……PLEASE encourage them to do so!