Well, it’s almost here! Our Spring Tagging and Garage Sale Weekend!

The SSC has been working tirelessly to prepare for these two important fundraisers but they will only be successful with your help!

We are still accepting DONATIONS – Please bring in your "treasures" that you no longer need, and give them new life at the Garage Sale! If you are able to price those items ahead of time, that is a huge help! You can bring them this Tuesday night! No large furniture please.


  • THURSDAY NIGHT – Why not give a few minutes of your time, after dropping off your Cadet for Tagging, to help bring items upstairs for the Garage Sale? We need to bring everything inside from the Trailer that is outside at the back of the property, so any help would be appreciated. OR stay and help drive Cadets to and from their locations. If we have enough drivers, everyone only has to take one group. You drop them off as soon as the Tagging coordinators have them assigned, and then pick them up again, between 8:30 and 8:45 to have them back at the Legion for 9 pm.
  • FRIDAY NIGHT – Bring your Cadet for Tagging and then stay and enjoy the comraderie of helping set up for our Garage Sale! We always have a good time, and it’s fun to see the Sale come together! Again, we will need Drivers to get the Cadets to their locations. We also have one more option for helping – Counting! We count and roll the Thursday Night Tagging money. If you are interested, bring along a calculator (most use their phones) and our veteran Counters will show you how we do it! (PS The Legion has their Fish N’ Chip dinner on Friday nights from 5-7pm so you can grab a bite and support the Legion if you like Fish N Chips!)
  • SATURDAY – If you are interested in helping out Saturday, there are lots of opportunities! Again, Drivers and Counters are needed. We will also need help packing up the Garage Sale items (hopefully there won’t be much because we will have sold it all!!). Another charity comes and picks up the leftovers, so we just need to box it all up. It goes fast and is simple to do.
  • SUNDAY – Drivers and Counters are needed. After the last shift on Sunday, at 5, we do the final count. A couple of years ago we had 15 people helping count and we finished in about an hour! The SSC was walking out the door on Sunday night at 6pm! That was a record. We’d really like to do that again, so if you can spare a little extra time on Sunday, we would really appreciate it!

Parents/Guardians, this is a great time to lend a hand with driving and counting. Please note, all drivers must bring in their license and proof of vehicle insurance. We would also like your mobile number (if applicable) in the event we need to make a change to your pick up location, etc. For those driving more than one shift, we only need you to bring this information in for your first shift, when we will photocopy it. Also, please note, we do not keep this information on file after the weekend, so even if you have given us the information last Fall, we will need it again for the Spring. Thank you for your understanding.

Please sign up here for DRIVING ( be sure to indicate how many Cadets you can take in your vehicle so we know how many vehicles we will need!) and here for COUNTING

Please note – All Cadets are expected to do a minimum of 4 of the 6 available shifts. Please encourage them to sign up ASAP!

As always, if your Cadet is unable to meet their commitment, they need to inform the CO directly so that they can be formally excused. 715mohawk

For those who are new to 715 and are wondering what Tagging is…….

"A day on which contributions to a fund are solicited, each contributor receiving a tag".
Tagging is an extremely low risk method of raising considerable funds over a weekend. In short, a tagging is when cadets stand outside of local businesses (ones that have been approached and permission obtained to do so) and ask "Would you like to help support air cadets" to people entering or leaving. For each donation, the cadet hands out a "tag" or in our Squadron’s case, a small bookmark with our Squadron information.

Tagging weekends are run twice a year – Fall and Spring, rain or shine.

A quick reminder – for those Cadets who do all 6 shifts, there will be something special for them……more details to follow! We had over 25 Cadets do all 6 shifts at our last Tagging event! Let’s see if we can beat that this Weekend!! The more Cadets we have out, the more money we make for the Squadron!! We currently have less than half of the Cadets signed up.

The shifts are as follows: THURSDAY & FRIDAY 5 – 9 pm. SATURDAY & SUNDAY 9 am – Noon and 1 pm – 5 pm
For those Cadets doing both shifts Saturday and Sunday, we will provide them with lunch.

Tagging is our LARGEST fundraisier for the Squadron. Please help by making sure your Cadet(s) takes part and, at a minimum, meets their mandatory 4 shifts.
Due to great turn outs for Tagging in the past, we have had record breaking weekends for fundraising. We would love to see another record broken this Spring!!

"Many hands make light work!"
We look forward to your support and really appreciate your help!!

Your SSC