Spring Tagging is IN THE BOOKS!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Another Spring Tagging is in the books!

THANK YOU to the STAFF who came and watched over the Cadets, supervising and checking in on them at their locations, and making sure all was well.

THANK YOU to the PARENTS/GUARDIANS who helped this weekend! It takes a lot of people to make Tagging work. Your willingness to get your Cadets to the Squadron on time, help with driving to and from locations, and counting and rolling the money, made the weekend run smoothly. We could not have had such a successful weekend without your help!

And last but definitely not least, THANK YOU to the CADETS for coming out and completing their shifts. The Community loved seeing the Cadets out around Burlington, and they represented their Squadron well. Without the Cadets, there would be no Tagging, so we are grateful for their efforts over the weekend!

The “Big Reveal” will take place on Tuesday, May 7th, (next week is the Mess Dinner so we will wait until the following week)! Please plan to come into the Squadron for Closing Parade and find out how much money was raised!!

We hope everyone enjoys a well-deserved relaxing evening!

Your SSC

PS. On May 7th, we will let you know how much the Garage Sale made as well! There was a great turnout for the sale and it was the best one ever!