Welcome and Save the Date!

Welcome to all of the new Cadet families who have joined 715 Mohawk Squadron! We hope your Cadets enjoy their time with us!
It’s a fantastic program!

Just a reminder to those parents/guardians of returning Cadets, who have not yet paid their fees for the year, please stop in at the SSC table at the beginning of the night to make your payment and pick up your OPC Tickets. Time is running out for our Earlybird Registration!

Also, please be sure your Cadet keeps October 3-6 open so they can participate in Tagging. We want to make this Fall Tagging our best one ever and hopefully break another $$ record! Remember that Tagging is our largest fundraiser for the Squadron and we need everyone to do as many shifts as possible to pull in the big numbers we are all hoping for! Please note that your Cadets’ Tagging participation plays a role in their being considered for future trips and activities. They must do a minimum of 4 shifts, but we hope they will consider doing all 6 to help support their Squadron.

We also need parents/guardians to help with driving and counting so if you can help out, please sign up. We actually have a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet other parents!

Keep an eye out on the 715mohawk.com webpage for the sign up to be posted!

Thanks, Everyone!

Your SSC