Tagging Next Week!

Good Morning, All!!

Well, our largest fundraiser is FAST approaching!! Next week, October 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th, your SSC will be spending the entire weekend at the Squadron coordinating Tagging for your Cadets. We need your help!

First, we need your Cadets! Please encourage them to sign up for their shifts (mandatory minimum 4, but hopefully all 6!). Currently, our numbers are very low on the sign up! There is even an incentive on right now for every Cadet who signs up BEFORE this Tuesday, October 1st….they will receive a Mohawk Dollar that can be spent at Canteen!

Second, we need Drivers! Please sign up yourself to help us get the Cadets to and from their Tagging locations. This is imperative, as many cars makes it possible to get the Cadets out faster and therefore increase the earning potential! Please be sure to add the number of Cadets you can take in your vehicle.

Third, we need Counters! Please sign up to help count and roll $$. We start counting Friday, and we count until we’re done. It’s a simple numbers game here….the more people we have counting and rolling coin, the faster we finish. We have done this in 1.5 hours and we have done this in 3 hours, and it all comes down to the number of counters. Please come and help! In past years, many drivers will drop off their Cadets and then come back to the Squadron to count.

A successful Tagging is a direct result of your involvement. A lot of “behind the scenes” work goes into preparing for Tagging, so your support in making it a success is SO appreciated!

We look forward to seeing a full sign up!!!

Your SSC