Good Afternoon, All! We hope you are enjoying your Saturday…..even though it’s a little rainy…..it could be snow, like in CALGARY!

Just a reminder to keep those names coming on the Tagging Sign Ups!! We currently only have HALF of the Squadron signed up!!
The Cadets who sign up BEFORE Tuesday (midnight on Monday) will receive one Mohawk Dollar to spend at Canteen!

We also need more DRIVERS! Please note that the number you see at the top of the list, is not the number of Drivers who have signed up, it’s the number of seats in vehicles. We definitely need more help! Also, you must be able to drop off AND pick up the Cadets you are driving.

And don’t forget about help with Counting! If you are planning to help with both driving and counting, it would help us if you would sign up for both, so we have it on the list. The more people we have to help count, the faster it goes for everyone!

Thanks, Everyone! Many hands make light work!
We look forward to seeing a full sign up.

Your SSC