Poppy Collecting starts NEXT THURSDAY, November 7th!

Good Morning, All!

This week begins our mindful journey towards Remembrance Day.

One very important way to honour our Fallen, and our Veterans, is to assist in the Legion’s Poppy Campaign. Our Cadets will be helping starting on Thursday, November 7th through, Saturday, November 9th. Drivers are needed (along with your Cadet!) to take Cadets to and from their Poppy locations, the same way we drive them to and from their Tagging locations.
The Legion does all of the coordination of the Cadets, and desperately needs drivers to help. This is their largest fundraiser! Your Cadet needs to sign up for their shifts, but Drivers do not need to sign up, just come upstairs at the Legion and the team there will send you out with Cadets!

The shift times are similar to Tagging and Cadets can sign up here:

Thursday 5-9 (if you can’t come until 6, then that’s fine, please come and help)
Friday 5-9 (if you can’t come until 6, again that’s fine, please come and help)
Saturday 9-Noon
Saturday 1-5
There is no Poppy Collecting on Sunday.

715 Mohawk Squadron has always played a huge role in Poppy Collecting for the Legion, and we hope to continue that tradition.
We need to have a good showing of Cadets and Drivers, as this is the home of our Squadron and we want to support our Veterans and our Legion.
This is a great way to show your support!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Your Squadron SSC