A Message from Capt Young, Deputy Commanding Officer of 715 Mohawk

Dear Parents and Staff of 715 Mohawk

First, and most importantly, I hope that this email finds you well and coping with this trying time. If there is ever any way that we can help, please let us know.

In an effort to maintain connections and hopefully keep the training going to a limited extent, I have put together a Google Classroom for all of the cadets. As the shutdown continues I will be adding lessons as we go. The first week of lessons is already there. Let me be clear, there is NO EXPECTATION that the cadets complete this work. However, if they have time, or they would like to enhance their training, this resource is there. The Classroom also gives us a secure way to communicate with the cadets so I do really encourage everyone to join. I am planning some virtual check-ins as well and that info will go via Google Classroom.

It is likely that the cadets already know all about Classroom but just to be sure here are some details.

You can find it at http://classroom.google.com or via the Google Classroom App on any app store. In order to access the classroom, the cadets will need their personal Gmail account. I do not believe that the squadron classroom will work with their school emails. If someone finds out something different, please let me know, but tests with the Toronto school board emails have failed so far (I have access to TDSB personally but not HDSB or HCDSB).

First, email 715mohawk and request the Google Classroom Code for 715.

Once you have received the code, simply select ”add a class” and enter the code.

If you have any other questions, please email the squadron – 715mohawk and I will get back to you.

I wish everyone all the best and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again once full training resumes.

Take Care
Captain Stephen Young
Deputy Commanding Officer
715 Mohawk RCACS