Poppy Days

Every November the Cadets offer poppies to the public along with our Veterans. Cadets will sign up for the shifts (Thurs and/or Fri evening and Saturday morning and/or afternoon) and meet at the Burlington Legion, our Squadron home. (If the Cadet signs up for both shifts on the Saturday, lunch will be provided.) Cadets will be sent out in mixed groups of Air, Army and Sea Cadets. Parents are needed to drop off and pick up the Cadets at given locations. Cadets must be brought back to the Legion so they can drop off their money boxes. Cadets in high school will be able to accumulate volunteer hours for their time spent collecting for poppies.

A note about collecting for Poppies: We would like to see full attendance for this very important event, as it directly supports our Veterans. The Air Cadet presence has been lacking the last number of years, typically overshadowed by the Sea and Army cadets. It’s important for our Cadets to participate and show the Royal Canadian Legion that 715 supports our Veterans.

November 10 – 11 Cenotaph Vigil and Remembrance Day Parade

Every year, to honour our veterans, Cadets from 715 participate in an overnight Vigil at the Burlington Cenotaph. The Air Cadets and Army Cadets, along with an Officer, will attend the Cenotaph in groups of 5 for one hour shifts from sunset on the 10th until the 11th hour of November 11th. Each group of 5 is a mix of Junior and Senior Cadets.

Please note – Senior Cadets may complete additional shifts and usually attend the late night/early morning hours. During the time they are not at the Cenotaph, they will be housed locally and will be supervised by the CO and/or Squadron Staff. After breakfast, the Cadets take up their designated position in preparation for the Remembrance Day Parade. Cadets are encouraged to participate in the parade even if they cannot attend the Vigil.

If you have never attended this special event, please consider it, as it is a very moving experience and a truly valuable opportunity to show support for our Veterans. Dropping by during the evening/night hours, allows for a peaceful time of reflection.

After the Service and Parade are finished, Cadets can be picked up at their original drop off point, where their overnight gear will be waiting.

If your Cadet wants to participate in the Parade, and requires a letter of absence for their teacher(s), one is available from the CO.

Serving at Dinners for the Royal Canadian Legion of Burlington

At different times throughout the year, the Legion requests help serving meals at Legion events. If your cadet offers, is asked, or is chosen to help, they will be given a time to arrive in Full Dress (C1) and will then be put to work serving meals, tea and coffee. They will also help with clearing tables as needed. Cadets are expected to find their own way to and from the Legion at 828 Legion Road, Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1T6. Cadets are usually fed a meal when they participate. These events are typically only a few hours in length and provide a great intergenerational experience!

Highway Clean-Up

715 Mohawk Squadron sponsors a part of the QEW and is responsible for cleaning up the area along the side of highway (protected). This is an annual event and as many cadets as can attend helps make the work go quickly. It’s usually held on a Saturday morning and the Cadets typically come back to the Squadron for pizza afterwards. It’s always a challenge to see who can find the most “interesting” item of the clean up!