Your Role as a Parent

Joining the Air Cadets is a big step for a young person. As parents, you can do a lot to support your son/daughter as they proceed through the Air Cadet Program.

Parents and/or guardians play a pivotal role in an Air Cadet’s career beginning with your consent, on the appropriate forms, for your son and/or daughter to become a member of a cadet squadron. With the exception of regular weeknight training, cadets must also have written permission to attend other training opportunities, including weekend training, public parades, fundraising, etc.

Parents and/or guardians can also do a lot to help their daughter and/or son become successful in the Air Cadet Program by showing an interest in their training and by supporting them during the year. Some way parents and/or guardians support their cadets include:

  • Helping them organize their after-school time, so that they will have time for Air Cadets, school work, and other family commitments.
  • Reminding them to look after their uniforms (washing, drying, ironing, polishing, sewing, etc.). However, it is important that the cadet do these things himself and/or herself.
  • Adding Air Cadet training activities on the family calendar. Most training events (with a few exceptions) are planned well in advance and advertise from the beginning of the training year.
  • Avoiding activities that conflict with major events, such as Tagging and the Annual Review.
  • Transporting your son and/or daughter (and maybe some of their friends) or making arrangements with someone dependable and trustworthy to do so. Frequently, parents of close friends share this responsibility with each other to minimize the amount of driving.
  • Encouraging the cadet to participate in squadron teams and activities. The more they put into the squadron, the more they will get out of the program.

Parents and /or guardians also play an important role in supporting the Squadron Sponsoring Committee. You will be asked to choose 2 – 3 fundraising efforts to take part in over the calendar year (over and above your Bingo commitment). It’s not hard to get involved and all of your efforts directly reflect on the success of the Squadron.

The success of each cadet will mirror the support received from their peers, superiors, and most of all, from their parents and/or guardians!

If you have any questions about the information included in this publication, please contact the Commanding Officer or the Chair of the Squadron Sponsoring committee. He/she will be able to answer your questions and provide you with additional information about squadron procedures, the Air Cadet program and the Air Cadet League.

Burlington Air Cadet 715 Mohawk Squadron Sponsoring Committee