Bingo is the largest and most important source of funding for the Squadron and it is necessary for 2 parents to attend every Sunday morning from 8 – 11:30 at Bingo Connection in Burlington. There is an online sign up for BINGO on the Squadron website at and is one of the few fundraisers we ask ALL parents/guardians to take part in. No experience is necessary – you will receive some informal training when you arrive.

If you cannot attend your scheduled Bingo shift you are asked to contact the Bingo coordinator to let them know in advance so they can cover your shift. If two parents are not in attendance for a Bingo each week, the entire shift will be forfeited and the Squadron will not be paid for that day. Working the BINGO is not only a great way to support our cadets, but it is fun to get to know the other parents as well! In the event working a Bingo is not for you, there are many other ways you can take an active role in fundraising for the Squadron. Please let the SSC Chair know if you would prefer to participate in another fundraising activity.


What is Tagging?

A day on which contributions to a fund are solicited, each contributor receiving a tag.

Tagging is an extremely low risk method of raising considerable funds over a weekend. In short, a tagging is when cadets stand outside of local businesses (ones that have been approached and permission obtained to do so) and ask “Would you like to help support air cadets” to people entering or leaving. For each donation, the cadet hands out a “tag” which the person can wear showing that they have supported the squadron.

Tagging weekends are run twice a year – Fall and Spring, rain or shine. These are mandatory for the Cadets and they are expected to attend a minimum of 4 shifts per weekend. Shifts are broken up into 6 time slots – Thursday evening, Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon. Lunch is provided for Cadets who attend both shifts on Saturday and Sunday. The more Cadets that attend tagging shifts, the more money can be raised that will go back into the Squadron for the Cadets. Your Cadet will sign up during a parade night and they are expected to show up for the shifts they sign up for. The locations that have been arranged by the SSC are based on the number of Cadets that show up. If your Cadet signs up and then cannot attend they are expected to call the Squadron and/or email the SSC before their shift to explain their absence.

Parents are needed to assist in the tagging weekends as drivers and counters. Please sign up with the SSC on a parade night before Tagging.

If you agree to be a driver, your driver’s license and insurance will be photocopied each Tagging session (we do not store this information). You will then be given a location to drive cadets to and pick up from. The drop off location and pick up location will be the same. If you are dropping off your own Cadet and their partner, you will be required to bring both of them back to the Squadron to drop off their money boxes before you head home. Helping out the squadron in this way will only take up to an hour of your time but is greatly appreciated.

If you agree to be a counter, you will generally not be needed until Friday evening, Saturday morning and/or afternoon and Sunday morning and/or afternoon. You will sit at a table and count the bags of money that were brought in from the previous shifts. How much time this will take is dependent on how many parents volunteer but generally it does not take much more than a couple of hours. “Many hands make light work!” Please sign up with the SSC for counting. You do not have to sign up for ALL of the shifts, just those that are convenient for you. Any help is appreciated!


All monies raised go towards the provincial gliding programs and pilot scholarships for the cadets, as well as continued support of the programs at the Squadron level.

OPC stands for Ontario Provincial Committee. Each Cadet is required to sell a minimum of 2 books of lottery tickets each year. Both books have already been paid for with your Cadet’s Registration Fee. You can choose to pay up front for any additional books of tickets (definitely the easiest thing to do!), then you just return the ticket stubs, once the book is sold. Don’t forget to return the ticket stubs for your sold tickets or the people who have bought tickets from you cannot win! The tickets are easy to sell as they are inexpensive ($5 each) and the prizes are great (cars/cash)! The Cadets need to sell as many books of tickets as possible, as the Squadron is mandated to sell a certain number every year. Any tickets which are unsold still have to be paid for by the SSC, which results in less money for the Cadets. The Cadets may also be signing up for shifts to sell additional ticket books at different Community events. Selling the tickets is a win/win situation – especially if you end up holding a winning ticket! Please note: The OPC takes into account the number of books a cadet has sold who is hoping to receive one of the Pilot Scholarships or a National Course for Summer Training.


Each Spring and Fall the SSC hosts a garage sale at the Legion. It has been an excellent fundraiser for our Squadron and it is gaining a reputation in the community as a great sale to attend! We need a lot of volunteer help to make it work well. From donations to pricing to helping run the cash on the day of the sale, there are many options to take part and lend a hand. Please let us know at the SSC Table on a Parade Night if you can volunteer!


Don’t forget the Tuck Shop for parade night snacks, small Air Cadet mementos (stickers, pins, magnets), Hoodies, T-shirts and Sweatshirts, as well as drinks and snacks for sports and activity nights. Last year the proceeds from the Tuck Shop helped pay for the Cadets’ year end trip!