Tonight’s the Night!!

Good Morning, All!

Be sure to come in at closing parade tonight for “The Big Reveal” of our $ total for Tagging!!

And then it’s time for some PROFESSIONAL comedy…..

Tickets are available now for Comedy Night on Friday, October 18th, here at the Legion!!

This is another opportunity to support the Squadron while having a ton of fun! Bring your friends, family, neighbours, co-workers ….anyone who likes to laugh! These are professional comics and tickets are only $15 each. We want to fill the hall at the Legion so please help us in selling tickets to the event. We’re just over a week away! Doors open at 7:00, Show starts at 8:00.

(Please note* This is a 19+ event only, no children are allowed.)


Good Evening, All!

Well, another FALL Tagging is done and in the books! What an great group of Cadets, Staff, and Parents/Guardians we have!!

Your Cadets did a super job representing 715 and fundraising for their Squadron and their upcoming activities! The SSC will be thanking them personally this Tuesday, when we do THE BIG REVEAL at Closing Parade on Tuesday, October 8th. Please make a point of coming in for Closing Parade that night around 8:40 pm. It is always a fun event!

Thank you to the Staff of 715, who came and watched over the Cadets while they were at the Squadron and at their locations.

Thank you to our SSC, who put in many, many hours preparing for the weekend, securing locations, organizing drivers and counters, and again this weekend sending Cadets out to locations, driving and counting! Your tireless dedication to the Squadron is appreciated beyond words and does NOT go unnoticed.

And Thank you to the Parents/Guardians for all you did to make this weekend successful. YOU help make Tagging possible by getting your Cadets to and from the Squadron, by driving Cadets to and from their locations, and by counting and rolling the money coming in. We appreciate your help!!

The SSC has a few more details to finish over the next couple of days and then we will be ready for THE BIG REVEAL on Tuesday, October 8th.

Have a great night and thank you again for all your help this weekend!

Your SSC

Tagging – First night done!

Thank you to everyone who came out tonight for Tagging! Parents, SSC, and most importantly Cadets!!
We appreciate you taking an active part in the fundraising for the Squadron!! We have 5 more shifts available for you to help out and we really appreciate your participation and assistance.

Have a great night, a super day tomorrow, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!!

Your SSC

Tagging starts TONIGHT!!!

Good Morning, All!

Looking forward to seeing all of the Cadets out tonight for our first night of Fall Tagging!!

Please note*:

The Cadets tag rain or shine, so please make sure they are dressed appropriately. They may be standing outdoors for their shift!

Let’s make this the best one yet!!

Your SSC

Cadets Cancelled Tonight!

Good Evening, All!

Please note that Cadets has been cancelled tonight due to power outages and storm warnings.

Please be sure to have your Cadets sign up for Tagging, which starts THIS THURSDAY! We need your help!

We also still need more drivers and counters so if you can lend a hand, it would be greatly appreciated!

Please go to and click on “sign up for an event”.

We want this Tagging to be a record breaker but we cannot do that without more Cadets coming out to help! Their participation is SO important, as this is how we pay for all of the extra activities and trips for the Cadets. Your help in encouraging them to come out, and in bringing them to and from Tagging, makes a big difference.

We really need and appreciate your support of our largest fundraiser!

Everyone stay safe and dry tonight!

Your SSC


Good Afternoon, All! We hope you are enjoying your Saturday…..even though it’s a little rainy… could be snow, like in CALGARY!

Just a reminder to keep those names coming on the Tagging Sign Ups!! We currently only have HALF of the Squadron signed up!!
The Cadets who sign up BEFORE Tuesday (midnight on Monday) will receive one Mohawk Dollar to spend at Canteen!

We also need more DRIVERS! Please note that the number you see at the top of the list, is not the number of Drivers who have signed up, it’s the number of seats in vehicles. We definitely need more help! Also, you must be able to drop off AND pick up the Cadets you are driving.

And don’t forget about help with Counting! If you are planning to help with both driving and counting, it would help us if you would sign up for both, so we have it on the list. The more people we have to help count, the faster it goes for everyone!

Thanks, Everyone! Many hands make light work!
We look forward to seeing a full sign up.

Your SSC

Tagging Next Week!

Good Morning, All!!

Well, our largest fundraiser is FAST approaching!! Next week, October 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th, your SSC will be spending the entire weekend at the Squadron coordinating Tagging for your Cadets. We need your help!

First, we need your Cadets! Please encourage them to sign up for their shifts (mandatory minimum 4, but hopefully all 6!). Currently, our numbers are very low on the sign up! There is even an incentive on right now for every Cadet who signs up BEFORE this Tuesday, October 1st….they will receive a Mohawk Dollar that can be spent at Canteen!!/showSignUp/60b0d4eadaf2da0f85-cadet

Second, we need Drivers! Please sign up yourself to help us get the Cadets to and from their Tagging locations. This is imperative, as many cars makes it possible to get the Cadets out faster and therefore increase the earning potential! Please be sure to add the number of Cadets you can take in your vehicle.!/showSignUp/60b0d4eadaf2da0f85-driver2

Third, we need Counters! Please sign up to help count and roll $$. We start counting Friday, and we count until we’re done. It’s a simple numbers game here….the more people we have counting and rolling coin, the faster we finish. We have done this in 1.5 hours and we have done this in 3 hours, and it all comes down to the number of counters. Please come and help! In past years, many drivers will drop off their Cadets and then come back to the Squadron to count.!/showSignUp/60b0d4eadaf2da0f85-counter2

A successful Tagging is a direct result of your involvement. A lot of “behind the scenes” work goes into preparing for Tagging, so your support in making it a success is SO appreciated!

We look forward to seeing a full sign up!!!

Your SSC

Tagging Sign Up is LIVE!

Good Evening, All!

The Tagging Sign Up is now LIVE!
Please follow the links to sign up. There are 3 links, one for Cadets, one for Drivers and one for Counters. Descriptions are on each sign up.

For Drivers, we will need a copy of your Driver’s License and insurance card so that you can be covered under our insurance policy. Please bring them with you on your first driving shift.

We will need seats for the same number of Cadets we have Tagging each shift, but typically we need enough for around 65. We currently have about 7-11 seats (1-2 drivers) per shift. We will need at least another 8-10 drivers for each shift, so if you can offer some time, it would be appreciated….and much needed!

We also need lots of people to help count the money. In past years, many of the drivers come back after dropping Cadets and help with counting. This is truly a case of “Many hands make light work”! With the more people we have counting, the quicker we finish and people head home. Please consider lending a hand.

Thanks again, Everyone! Let’s make this the biggest and most effective and efficient tagging ever!! With YOUR help, we can do it!!

We look forward to seeing those Sign Up filled!

Your SSC

Welcome and Save the Date!

Welcome to all of the new Cadet families who have joined 715 Mohawk Squadron! We hope your Cadets enjoy their time with us!
It’s a fantastic program!

Just a reminder to those parents/guardians of returning Cadets, who have not yet paid their fees for the year, please stop in at the SSC table at the beginning of the night to make your payment and pick up your OPC Tickets. Time is running out for our Earlybird Registration!

Also, please be sure your Cadet keeps October 3-6 open so they can participate in Tagging. We want to make this Fall Tagging our best one ever and hopefully break another $$ record! Remember that Tagging is our largest fundraiser for the Squadron and we need everyone to do as many shifts as possible to pull in the big numbers we are all hoping for! Please note that your Cadets’ Tagging participation plays a role in their being considered for future trips and activities. They must do a minimum of 4 shifts, but we hope they will consider doing all 6 to help support their Squadron.

We also need parents/guardians to help with driving and counting so if you can help out, please sign up. We actually have a lot of fun and it’s a great way to meet other parents!

Keep an eye out on the webpage for the sign up to be posted!

Thanks, Everyone!

Your SSC

Cadet Tagging begins Thursday Oct 3

Please Sign Up your Cadet for TAGGING OCT 3-6 Tagging Sign Up
Our largest Semi-Annual Fundraiser! This is a MANDATORY event. There are 6 tagging shifts. All Cadets must do at least 4 SHIFTS. Cadets who do all 6 shifts will be recognized!
Cadets will be outside in full uniform, paired in groups with an experienced cadet. So dress for the weather. Instructions and information will be provided when you arrive for your shift.

PARENTS, your help is greatly appreciated if you can please sign up for

Drivers Drivers Sign Up
We are in need for Parents to volunteer as drivers. This take very little time out of your day as all we ask is that you drop a group of cadets off at their location and pick them up at the end of the shift.

Counters Counters Sign Up
We are also in need for Parent Volunteers to assist in counting donations at the end of the day. The more Parent Volunteers we have the faster this goes.

Thank You so much Parents for your support,

Your SSC